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Do you have hundreds of poorly tagged Mp3 files that are waiting to be renamed and organized? This is where Tagify comes in the picture with its stunning user interface and powerful tag-editing engine. Right now, it supports Mp3 files but other formats will be added soon.

Publisher Description

Window 8 CompatibleKey Features Tagify allows you to edit mp3 tags in multiple ways. If you have a large collection of Mp3 files, it is quite hard to manage them well without using a metadata editor. Tagify assists you to manage all your tags with ease. This software lets you easily rename files according to your music tag information, find and replace characters from tags, do text case conversions, remove extra spaces from tags, as well as fetch tag information from the filename. Batch tag editing is very fast and once you have chosen Tagify treatment for your Mp3 files, you will definitely love this software to see the final outcomes. You can complete hours of work into minutes using this powerful tag editing software. There are additional functionalities, which are available with the Tagify. Some of these functionalities include cover art editing, Serato tags removal, manually edit tags and filenames, undo all changes you have made etc. The stunning interface and the way this software has been designed make it a perfect tool to manage a large number of Mp3 files in a matter of few minutes. Tagify is available to download for both Mac and Windows, so you can edit tags without worrying about the platform you are working. Pros: a) Tagify supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. b) Supports editing of more than 14 fields. c) Batch Tag Editing (perform editing on more than thousands of files in one go). d) Global Search and Replace. e) Remove Serato Tags and efficient Cover art editing tool. f) Rename files from tags. g) Edit tags using filename. h) Advance Editing Features (Drag to copy paste values, use of shortcuts and keys etc). i) User-friendly UI (Spreadsheet Like Interface). j) Lightweight and very Quick application. Cons: a) This version only supports Mp3 file format but other formats will be added soon!

Download and use it now: Tagify

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